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I’m pretty fired up about a few different topics today.

Mostly the fact that having an education and ambition and a good work ethic really gets you nowhere…but I digress. There are more pressing issues, like the seeming overabundance of crazy juice in my small hometown of Ellwood City.

Gigapan of Lawrence Avenue. Ellwood City.

With less than 10,000 residents, Ellwood is a town (actually, it’s a borough but whatever) where everyone knows everyone. The town is small and the families are big and most have lived there for generation after generation, my own family included. The mean age of the residents is probably around 60 and it USED to be a relatively safe place to live, now though, it’s kind of a cross between a retirement community and a drug hub.

However, the drugs don’t seem to be the root of Ellwood’s problems, unless someone has bottled the crazy juice that everyone there keeps drinking and is illegally selling it. Let me explain…

Today I learned (via WPXI) that the father of a pretty well known family and owner of a local funeral home was arrested for sexual assault after he allegedly walked into a female neighbor’s home while she was asleep and her boyfriend was outside, when the woman woke up, the “local businessman” was on top of her.

This is the third “WTF” incident in Ellwood over the last few months.  The first being when a man in his 20s senselessly strangled his 20 year-old girlfriend/the mother of his baby to death in May. (More on this story…)

Then, in June a science teacher at the high school was charged with beating the shit out of a man who the teacher believed his wife cheated on him with.  Not to mention his kids were present when the beating occurred. (More on this story…)

(*Disclaimer: Included links are from the Ellwood City Ledger, which may not actually be 100% factual based on their track record. They’re the best I could find though.*)

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? What are these people thinking? Maybe they’re driven solely by anger or desire, but consider the consequences! There must be something in the water in my small, once safe hometown that clouds one’s ability to take a second to think about what they’re doing before they actually do it.

I mean, watch some porn, take up kickboxing, see a therapist! PROBLEMS SOLVED. No need to completely lose your shit.  Really though, when you live in a community of about 8,000 people, you think they aren’t all going to talk? It’s small town suicide.

As much as this is a rant, it’s also somewhat of a P.S.A.

Dear people of Ellwood, STOP DRINKING THE CRAZY JUICE. Or maybe just take a second to value your own life, as well as the lives of EVERYONE around you and think about whatever crime you’re about to commit. You’re embarrassing yourself and making the rest of us “Ellwoodians” (Donnie Iris included) look bad.


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