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This girl has opinions…

Like millions of other Americans, I find myself complaining a lot.  I also have no qualms with sharing those complaints and I just so happen to have the educational background to share them in a written public forum, hence the birth of this blog.

Some might call me a bitch, but I prefer brazen, even feisty.

I’m going to do my best to make this blog as entertaining as possible while also providing some level of education. While it’s going to be a lot of me just bitching, at least it will be witty.

Normally, I’m a fashion writer so there are probably going to be a lot of posts on things like my hatred for maxi dresses and how camisoles are not meant to be worn alone, but there will also be posts on the many things that irk me in entertainment, politics, behaviors and my many day-to-day encounters with ignorance.

The educational factor will come in as I try to bolster my annoyances with some facts.  I encourage anyone who actually ends up reading this to share their own opinions and comment in agreement, or even more so, in disagreement.  I love a good argument.

I hope that at least some of you will find it humorous or mildly interesting at best, and moderately irritating at worst.

Also, if anyone notices this blog turning into some sort of online journal where all I do is tell boring stories about my painfully mundane life, please inform me immediately.  That is not the direction or intent I have for this blog.  It is meant to be current, accurate and really a way to not only keep me on my toes, but to keep me doing what I love, writing.

And write I will, because I’ll always have an opinion on something.


Brooke a.k.a. “This girl”


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